Lash Extensions


Lash Extensions

All lash treatments require a patch test and cannot be online.

Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

Transform your lashes with Lash Extensions to give you longer, fuller natural looking lashes, that last up to eight weeks or more with infill’s. Each single individual lash is applied to your single individual lash to give you wonderful natural looking lashes, There is a variety of lengths to choose from ensuring you have the perfect look for every occasion.


Infills (required every two weeks)

Infills are required every two weeks to maintain long lasting fullness and volume.

Start from £25.00

Indulgence Express Lashes

Our most popular lashes, which create a full and thick set of lashes, in just 40 minutes! A set lasts up to 2 weeks with no infills required! Once the lashes have naturally fallen out, it’s time for a new set. These lashes are a perfect choice for a holiday, or a special occasion, that will last for a long time with no maintenance.


Cluster  Lashes (Full Set)

Also know as party lashes, these lashes are for those who want that glamourous look, ideal for parties and hen dos, and last 3-5 days


Lash Removal



*All lashes require a patch test 24hours before treatment, Nouveau lashes are not suitable for ladies who are pregnant


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